New York Discount Car Rental and the Virgin Megastore

If music makes your world go round, AAMCAR Manhattan Car Rentals has the perfect vacation shopping destination for you and all you friends. From the latest releases to hard-to-find titles, youll find all the biggest hits right here in Times Square. So what is this musical mansion? Its the Times Square Virgin Megastore of course! Located directly across the street from the MTV studios, the Virgin Megastore is New York Citys is one of the hippest places in town to hang out. Music lovers of all ages are invited to roam endless racks of records, ranging in everything from popular music to timeless classics. No other store in the city carries an inventory like the Megastore, so why waste your time shopping anywhere else? From music and movies to books and games, the Virgin Megastore has everything you need to infuse your upcoming Manhattan car rentals vacation with hours of fun, so dont succumb to boredom. Plan to make a special trip to the Virgin Megastore during your upcoming trip.

Find what youre looking for

Finding your favorite albums, past and present, is easy at the Virgin Megastore in Times Square. This monstrous musical complex features three floors stocked full of merchandise, providing patrons with an unbeatable selection of new releases and greatest hits. But the Virgin Megastore isnt just about the music. Customers of AAMCAR Manhattan Car Rentals can also stop in and pick up movies, video games, magazines and books. Tons of entertainment is sold inside this exciting establishment, so remember to stop and look at all three floors. Exciting areas inside the store include an extensive singles selection, two levels of domestic and imported CDs and a huge video department. Customers of AAMCAR Manhattan Car Rentals can also enjoy a sneak peak at some of the hottest new musicals acts with a visit to one of the stores listening booths. A phenomenal number of these kiosks are located throughout the store, providing visitors with a quick listen to chart topping tracks. If thats not enough, the Virgin Megastore also features a quaint caf, a bookstore and a multiplex movie theater. Out of state AAMCAR Manhattan Car Rentals customers can even arrange airfare on Virgin Atlantic flights thanks to an onsite travel agency. Shopping has never been easier, so why spend hours at some lesser record store? Stop in at the Virgin Megastore today and youll be listening to your favorite album in no time.

The Stars all shine in Times Square

The Virgin Megastore in Times Square is always busy providing visitors with the ultimate music experience. From in-store events and celebrity promotions to performances and product launches, all of the greatest musical acts prefer to party at the Virgin Megastore. The calendar at this store is jammed-pack with celebrity book and CD signings so dont miss your chance to check it out during your upcoming Manhattan car rentals vacation. Celebrities also enjoy shopping at the Virgin Megastore in Times Square, purchasing exciting musical compellations alongside everyday customers. Celebrities cant help but shop at this exciting establishment thanks to the knowledgeable and friendly atmosphere, so whats your excuse? You never know who youll run into when youre browsing the stacks at the Virgin Megastore in Manhattan, so be sure to scan for famous faces. AAMCAR Manhattan Car Rentals also recommends contacting the store to learn more about upcoming scheduled celebrity appearances.

If your headphones are in need of something new during your upcoming New York vacation, AAMCAR Manhattan Car Rentals recommends visiting the Times Square Virgin Megastore. This iconic maze of music is located at 1540 Broadway and is open Sunday through Thursday 9am to 1am and Friday through Saturday from 9am to 2am. Customers of AAMCAR Manhattan Car Rentals can contact the store at 1-212-921-1020. A second Virgin Megastore is also located near Union Station at 52 East 14th Street.

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