Car Rental New York City and the NYSE

Home to more than 2,800 companies and growing, the New York Stock Exchange is the second largest stock exchange in the world specializing in high-profile business and big money trades. A permanent resident of NYC Financial District, the NYSE currently features two functioning locations: the main trading floor located on Wall Street and the administrative offices of 18 Broad Street. Designed as a way for companies and individuals to build capital and make connections, the New York Stock Exchange has quickly become a symbol of American pride, signifying nearly two centuries of hard work and dedication. An integral part of the city, as well as the nation, the New York Stock Exchange is open from 9:30am to 4pm Monday through Friday

Interesting Facts about the New York Stock Exchange

  • The 2,800 companies currently listed on the NYSE are valued at approximately $20 trillion in global market capitalization.
  • The New York Stock Exchange can trace its roots back to May 17, 1792 when the Buttonwood Agreement was signed by four prestigious New York stock brokers. The New York Stock Exchange would later come into affect on March 8, 1817 under the New York Stock and Exchange Board Constitution.
  • Throughout the years the NYSE has featured a variety of different trading hours in order to boast participation and better accommodate companies. From 1887 to 1952, the New York Stock Exchange was open from 10am to 3pm � there was even Saturday trading from 10am to noon!
  • The first central location for the New York Stock Exchange was in a $200 a month room at 40 Wall Street back in 1817.

On an average day at the New York Stock Exchange nearly 1.46 billion shares, valued at approximately $46.1 billion are traded between international corporations and companies. 1.46 billion shares! Ranked as one of the most competitive stock trading venues in the world, the NYSE is proud to provide investors with low costs, deep liquidity and exceptional prices. AT one point in time AAMCAR New York Car Rental travelers were welcome to tour the trading floors on Wall Street, but since the terrorist attacks of 9/11 the NYSE has been closed to the public indefinitely. AAMCAR New York Car Rentals customers are still encouraged to visit the landmark tourist attraction during their upcoming Big Apple vacation as the outside of the Exchange provides the perfect background for group pictures!

Taking Care of Business

Unlike other electronic stock exchanges, like the NASDAQ, the New York Stock Exchange always involves face to face physical communication atop the Wall Street trading floor. Exchange members interested in buying or selling certain stocks on behalf of an investor must gather around the appropriate post in order to purchase/distribute their desired stock option. This auctioneer-like atmosphere is both controversial and extraordinary, making for plenty of noise and tons of suspense! AAMCAR New York Car Rentals encourages customers to rent the movie �Wall Street� in order to better understand the frenzied commotion connected to the NYSE trading floor.

The Stock Exchange Bell

Each business day at the New York Stock Exchange is marked by the ringing of the NYSE bell. Each of the four rooms inside the Stock Exchange is equipped with one of these enormous 18 inch bells, all of which are controlled by a sophisticated computer system. Prominent bell ringers have included corporate executives, US Presidents, sports stars, Hollywood actors and yes, even Mr. Potato Head!

To learn more about the exciting world of high-stakes stock exchanging simply log onto the New York Stock Exchange�s official website at AAMCAR New York Car Rentals customers are also encouraged to contact the Stock Exchange by telephone for more information on upcoming events. Simply dial 212-656-5168; and operator is standing by to receive your call.


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