New York Car Rentals and NYC Parks


In a city of concrete and skyscrapers you may be surprised to learn that parks and recreational areas make up a great deal of the landscape! New York is known worldwide for many of the parks located within the state, the most famous of which is, of course, Central Park. So if for some reason during your trip to New York you feel the urge to get away from the crush of urban streets and busy shopping centers, don’t worry! A beautiful park is just a short New York car rental drive away!

Central Park

New York’s world renowned Central Park is a must see attraction if you’re planning on visiting the Big Apple. Over 20 million people visit the 843 acres of lush green landscape each near, making it a true New York treasure. Central Park is located between 59th and 110th Street and between Fifth and Eighth Avenues, so be sure to park your New York car rental and check out the scenery. Central Park is full of man-made lakes, playgrounds, tennis courts, ice rinks, baseball diamonds, fountains, theaters; not to mention the Central Park Zoo and Metropolitan Museum of Art! Central Park is a great place to go with the kids for an active afternoon; or if you’re traveling with a sweetie, why not book a world famous horse drawn carriage ride! For more information on Central Park visit

Madison Square Park

Bordered by Fifth and Madison Avenues and 23rd and 26th Streets, Madison Square Park has long been a famous Manhattan tourist spot. This rustic park was given a facelift in 2001 upon its rededication, resulting in a landslide of optimistic reviews. The park itself is full of 19th century statues, while the surrounding area is full of amazing architectural wonders and monumental buildings. The Madison Square Park Conservancy has worked hard to preserve this city staple and is proud to offer expanding opportunities to visitors of the park. From cultural programs, to playgrounds and food vendors, Madison Square Park offers plenty of reasons to park your New York car rental and enjoy a little sunshine!

Pelham Park

Located in the Bronx, Pelham Park is the largest park in NYC with over 2,765 acres of picnicking, leisure and recreational facilities. Pelham Park is literally teeming with wildlife as the park’s habitat includes woodlands, wetlands and marshes. Numerous trails intersect the park including the Split Rock Trail which encircles the Thomas Pell Wildlife Refuge and Sanctuary. The best known part of Pelham Park is undoubtedly Orchard Beach. This area consists of over 115 acres and 1.1 miles of sandy beach, perfect for playing a little volleyball or just soaking up some sun! The park area of Orchard Beach is loaded with picnic tables and benches, perfect for day long outings with friends and family. If you’d like to visit this park, but don’t want to drive all there in your New York car rental you can hop on the Number 6 train which will take you directly to the southernmost section of the park.

Other parks in New York City include the famous Brooklyn Cooney Island and Columbia University’s Baker Field. Manhattan is home to the historic Battery Park along with Inwood and Isham Parks. If you’re looking for a scenic view of the Hudson River why not check out Riverbank State Park or Riverside Park; both stretch for miles! The Brooklyn Botanical Gardens offer up wonderful sites and smells while Wave Hill is the place to go for fantastic panoramic views of Jersey.

Visiting New York City doesn’t mean you have to keep yourself cooped up in shopping malls and office buildings. Strolling through the trees lined trails of one of New York’s famous parks is a great way to get some fresh air, relieve a little stress and catch a glimpse of the softer side of city life.



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