Car Rental New York and The Lion King on Broadway

The Lion King on Broadway is one of Disney’s most successful plays. The play is based on the Disney film of the same name and features actors in animal costumes and puppets. Whether you are here with your car rental in New York with kids or not, this is a great play to see.

Come to the jungle

The play opens with the rising sun over Pride Rock. Simba is presented to the animals here, as his dad Mufasa is king. Meanwhile Scar is upset about his lost chance at becoming king. Simba grows up and his father explains to him the delicate balance of life, known as the Circle of Life. Simba is warned not to go beyond the boundaries of the Pride Lands because danger lies beyond. Scar eventually convinces Simba to go to the Elephant Graveyard because he knows that Simba is very curious and not allowed to go there. Simba asks his best friend Nala to go with him, but they do not tell their mothers. This journey proves to be a frightful experience, as hyenas attack them. Thankfully, they make it back to the Pride Lands alright.

Be part of the circle of life

Mufasa is disappointed that Simba disobeyed him, but Simba only wants to be brave. An important life lesson about life and death follows. But Scar is still conspiring to become king by killing Simba. Scar promises the hyenas they will never go hungry again if they help him become king. Scar brings Simba to the gorge and the hyenas start a stampede. Mufasa saves Simba, but is killed. Simba believes that he was the reason his father died. Simba leaves and Scar claims the throne. Simba has left and ventures into the desert.

Hakuna Matata

Since Scar became king, there has been draught in the Pride Lands. Scar laments that he is not loved by the kingdom and wants to have children. At the same time, Simba has meet Pumbaa and Timon and they make their way to the jungle. One night, while Simba is signing to the stars, his father’s friend Rafiki hears the song and knows that he is still alive. In the jungle, Simba finds Nala when she tried to eat Pumbaa. Nala tells Simba what life in the Pride Lands has come to and encourages him to go back and claim his throne. Rafiki also meats Simba on his own and tells him that his father is still alive within him. Simba returns to Pride Rock with Timon and Pumbaa and sees what has happened.

This Disney play is just as good as the Disney movie. When you are here with your car rental in New York you will want to stop by and see this production. It has won many awards and is considered to be one of the best you can see with your car rental in New York. Come see the Circle of Life take place, either with or without kids. The musical adaptation has improved upon the movie and there are different elements in the musical that you will not expect from the movie. This is a lot of fun for everyone in the family with your car rental in New York.


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